SPIN Acceptance Form

SPIN Acceptance Form

Personal Particulars

Please use the same email you used in the referral form

Name of Child / Date of Birth / Gender
1. Mary / 20/12/2018 / F
2. Tom / 13/02/2014 / M
3. EDD (Pregnant/Expecting)

SPIN Programmes

The questions below explain more on the services we offer and help us to understand which of these programmes you would want to be involved in.

SPIN has a volunteer network, known as "SPIN Ally Network", this befriending component provides practical support, access to resources, improved ability to make well-informed decisions and socio-emotional support.

SPIN provides quarterly empowerment sessions as well as regular activities to enrich and encourage you in your parenting journeys. Additionally, these sessions will be child-friendly.

A SPIN social worker will meet with you at your home or somewhere you are comfortable, to get to know you better and find out more about the kind of support you need. The social worker will meet with you once every two months for one year.

Informed Consent

Confidentiality Agreement

As a member or alumni of HCSA Dayspring SPIN, your personal information which you share will be kept confidential. All our staff and volunteers (eg. befrienders, counsellors, etc) are ethically and legally bound to treat your information confidentially. Dayspring SPIN will seek your consent before releasing your personal information (whole or in part) to external parties (individuals who are not employees of HCSA Community Services) with the following exceptions.

 a) If we assess a clear and imminent harm/danger to you or someone else
 b) If we have a reasonable suspicion that a child or family member is currently being abused or neglected or in danger
 c) If ordered by national authorities (eg. police, government agencies/ministries, court)

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Declaration & Consent

Personal data (referring to interviews, quotations, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings of you) may be used for one or more of the following purposes.

 a) Contacting you regarding your queries.
 b) Dayspring SPIN membership (alumni / members) application.
 c) Collation of event attendances.
 d) Subscription to Dayspring SPIN or HCSA Community Services emailing/mailing list.
 e) For referral to external agencies for help requested by you.
 f) Internal and external publicity purposes such as (but not limited to) the following.
  i. Printed & Digital media (eg. newsletter, publications, brochures, collaterals, flyers, posters, banners, reports, presentation decks)
  ii. Online media (eg. websites, social media posts)

We are committed to safeguard your personal data and have put in place processes and internal procedures that comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). At any point in time, you are allowed to inform Dayspring SPIN, your social workers to withdraw your consent. Do note that ongoing services and help rendered to you may be disrupted should you choose to withdraw your consent.

Consent for Confidentiality Agreement and PDPA Declaration & Consent