VMS Particulars Update Form

Update New Particulars:

Terms & Condition:

• I acknowledge that the information provided is true and accurate for my voluntary experience with HCSA.

• I fully understand and agree that the personal information which I have provided to the HCSA about myself may be disclosed to other agencies or individuals for the purpose(s) of my volunteering involvement.

• I give permission to HCSA to contact me if there are suitable volunteering opportunities and keep me informed of relevant information on their programmes, research and other publicity (via SMS, email and/or other modes of communication, whether mobile electronic or otherwise).

If I come on-board as a volunteer:
• I recognise that HCSA is committed to safeguarding my personal details and have put in place processes and internal procedures that comply with the PDPA. My personal details is collected, retained and used only for my volunteering engagement.

• I may update, access, correct my personal details or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of my personal details by emailing givehope@hcsa.org.sg.

• I consent to my personal data during my volunteering involvement to be used for HCSA events and publicity materials such as social media, photographs and videos.

• I understand that HCSA will do its due diligence in providing care and safety for its volunteers and would therefore not take any legal actions and/or claims against HCSA, its staff, board members, and beneficiaries in respect of any harm, injury, loss or damage during my participation in HCSA's activities.

• I am committed to maintain the confidentiality of all beneficiaries served by this organisation to avoid causing them harm. This includes beneficiaries who have been discharged in the past, and those who will be served in the future.

Specifically, I agree to the following:
• All communications between staffs, volunteers and beneficiaries are to be kept confidential.

• All information that Volunteers may acquire about beneficiaries shall not be disclosed to a third party.

• There shall be no pictures or videos of beneficiaries posted on any websites, social networks, etc.